Scared Stiff (Blu-ray)

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When a psychiatrist, her son, her brand new husband who is an ex-rock star and her former patient, move into an old mansion, the last thing they worry about is a voodoo curse. Unfortunately, that is exactly what they should be worried about, and this horror movie explains why.

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The River’s Edge (Blu-ray)

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After lifting a cool million from a U.S. bank, a crook is anxious to sneak across the border into Mexico, but to do so he must hire an experienced wilderness guide. When things don't go as planned, the crook forces the guide and his wife into the mountains with him.

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My Name is Julia Ross (Blu-ray)

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My Name Is Julia Ross is the first film noir made by Joseph H. Lewis. Though made on a low-budget, the film contains a nice brooding atmosphere and some innovative camera work to tell the tightly woven story of Julia Ross, an unemployed woman who in desperation takes a job as the personal secretary to a socially prominent matron.

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