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Creepshow 2 (Blu-ray)

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Horror writer, Stephen King was behind some of the terror in this horror anthology comprised of three not-very-creepy-but-kind-of-fun-anyway supernatural tales. In the first story, "Old Chief Wood'nhead" a cigar-store Indian gets bloody revenge upon the rednecks who killed the gentle old couple who took care of him and the store he stood in front of for many years.

Upgrade (Blu-ray)

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Grey Trace is approached by a billionaire inventor with an experimental cure that will "upgrade" his body. The cure - an Artificial Intelligence implant called STEM - gives Grey physical abilities beyond anything experienced and the ability to relentlessly claim vengeance against those who murdered his wife and left him for dead.

Deep Rising: 20th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray)

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Set in the South China Sea, the story has been described as a cross between The Poseidon Adventure, Alien, and Die Hard. On the maiden voyage of the luxury liner Argonautica, pickpocket Trillian (Famke Janssen) is caught stealing jewels and locked up. After the ship's communication system is infected with a virus, the ship collides with a massive underwater object.

One Good Cop (Blu-ray)

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An honest man struggles to do the right thing, even if it means breaking the law, in this drama. Artie Lewis (Michael Keaton) is a scrupulously ethical cop who believes in his work, loves his wife Rita (Rene Russo), and stands by his partner Stevie Diroma (Anthony LaPaglia). Stevie is a single parent, and when he's shot and killed on duty, his three daughters (Grace Johnston, Rhea Silver-Smith, and Blair Swanson) are left with nowhere to go.

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