This Island Earth (Blu-ray)

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For reasons that defy logic, the excellent This Island Earth was held up for ridicule as an allegedly bad movie in the film version of TV's Mystery Science Theater. If not the best science-fiction film of the 1950s, Earth is certainly one of the most intelligent and elaborate.

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Foxfire (Blu-ray)

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While vacationing in Arizona, beautiful socialite Amanda Lawrence (Jane Russell, The Outlaw) meets handsome Jonathan Dartland (Jeff Chandler, Man in the Shadow), an engineer at the local copper mine. The whirlwind courtship is culminated in a marriage hotly contested by Amanda’s mother (Frieda Inescort, Pride and Prejudice), who has learned that Dartland is a half-breed Apache Indian.

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The Man From Laramie (Blu-ray)

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Anthony Mann's final Western with James Stewart, and his first in Cinemascope, The Man from Laramie (1955) revisits the themes of earlier Mann/Stewart movies and pushes them to the extreme, while allowing Stewart to play a (slightly) less disturbed hero than in their other collaborations. In another superbly structured oater about men's inner wilderness, Stewart is once again a wandering loner.

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Samurai Trilogy: Criterion Collection (Blu-ray)

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The Samurai Trilogy, directed by Hiroshi Inagaki (The Rickshaw Man) and starring the inimitable Toshiro Mifune (Seven Samurai), was one of Japan’s most successful exports of the 1950s, a rousing, emotionally gripping tale of combat and self-discovery. Based on a novel that’s often called Japan’s Gone with the Wind, this sweeping saga fictionalizes the life of the legendary seventeenth-century swordsman (and writer and artist) Musashi Miyamoto, following him on his path from unruly youth to enlightened warrior.