DVD Authority (now Blu-ray Authority) was a site started on May 1, 1999 with the sole intent of reviewing Region 1 DVD’s.  That’s it.  Nothing more or less.  Over the last years, we’ve grown with the format, adding HD DVD, Blu-ray and now 4K reviews.  We do giveaways and have even given away a few players in the past.  We’ve got a small staff of writers who all share a passion for one (or two) things: movies.  The site doesn’t have and never will have advertising. You’d be surprised how this has rubbed people the wrong way in the past. Yes, really.

Truly this is a labor of love.

As of this writing, we’ve got nearly 10,000 original DVD, Blu-ray, Ultra HD (4K) and Game reviews in our database.  More are added on a daily basis and once you take a look around, we hope you’ll like what you see.

Any comments or questions, let us know!