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Matt Brighton
Matt BrightonEditor/Owner
Pretty much anything I could say is in the About Us section, but if you’re like me (and not many are), you’re too lazy to look there. I graduated from college around the same time DVD was introduced, had never had a web site, so figured I’d put my two interests to some good use. Nearly two decades later, here I am and this site is the closest thing to an offspring I’ll likely ever have.
Matt Malouf
Matt MaloufMan of Steel(books)
I’m the youngest of 4, loved films all my life. I got into crossfit about a year and a half ago, and that’s my new hobby in addition to movie watching. I’m pretty easy going, call it like I see it and try to treat people with the respect I’d hope they’d give me. I’m reasonably good at doing impressions of people and enjoy laughing, but also know when to be serious as well.
Fusion3600Asian Aficionado
I’m all about movies and though I’ve got a different taste than most, I’m convinced that my movies are the best out there. I’ve been with the site nearly since its inception, so I credit that with my eccentric taste and style. Or something like that.
Jake Keet
Jake KeetWorld Critic
Jake Keet loves movies and loves films. Jake has avidly watched movies since a very young age. His biggest interests are in films released by The Criterion Collection, Arrow Video, and Shout Factory. Jake also has written a novel that is available on Amazon called The Disposable Assassin.

When not reviewing movies, Jake works with his family in the restaurant industry, currently owning eight (soon to be ten) restaurants.

Dan Pulliam
Dan PulliamDaniel-San
I have loved movies since I was literally an infant. My first theater-going memory is the first scene of The Empire Strikes Back, when I was only two years old. I have a special place in my heart for all things 80’s and cheesy. I also have a great appreciation for film scores and movie posters from that era. Whether it’s Schindler’s List or Jaws 3, I’m in it for the experience. No great movie collection can contain only great movies. So sayeth Daniel-San.